Case for Scottish independence strengthened

Scotland has a golden opportunity to create a prosperous independent country as a result of the decision to leave the European Union, according to a former top UK civil servant.

Sir Nicholas Macpherson, former chief civil servant at the Treasury, has said the case for independence has been strengthened in the wake of the Brexit vote.

Once a leading opponent of a Scottish break-away Sir Nicholas has conceded that EU referendum result “changes terms of debate north of the border”.

Writing in the Financial Times Sir Nicholas said an “independent Scotland committed to the EU would have an extraordinary opportunity to attract inward investment as well as highly skilled migrants” and called it “a golden opportunity for proponents of Scottish independence to reappraise their economic prospects”.

Scottish National Party politician Derek Mackay MSP described the former civil servant’s comments as “a truly remarkable conversion”.

“It is a significant reflection upon how fundamentally things have changed following the EU referendum,” said Mr Mackay.

“There are very many people who hadn’t before been convinced about independence who are now opening up to the opportunities it brings for Scotland.”

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