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A lot of people can’t afford to regularly pay up to £5 or $7 for a digital magazine and we don’t want them to. Scotland is a beautiful country and Scots all over the world are justifiably proud of the rich history, heritage, culture and achievements of their kith and kin. It’s no surprise we want to show it off and share it with as many people as possible.

Scotland Correspondent is not exclusive – it is an inclusive magazine. We welcome everyone who has an interest in, and love for, everything Scottish. That’s why we have thousands of readers in more than 60 countries.

When we launched Scotland Correspondent – as the world’s first and only free, monthly, multi-media digital magazine promoting Scotland to a global audience – many critics said we wouldn’t last more than three issues. That was in January 2017 and we haven’t missed an issue since. Indeed the magazine has grown in popularity and continues to find new readers around the world.

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