Protecting the environment and promoting Scotland

Every day is World Environment Day at Scotland Correspondent where we are doing our bit to help keep Scotland beautiful along with the rest of the planet.

Scotland Correspondent magazine June 2018

June 2018

Read by thousands of people with a love of Scotland in more than 45 countries the magazine is designed to be viewed on all kinds of mobile devices, tablets, desktop computers and even smart televisions.

  • No trees are harmed in the production of Scotland Correspondent, the only FREE independent multi-media digital magazine about all things Scottish.
  • There are no emissions from lorries, airplanes or trains carrying stacks of printed magazines across the planet.
  • No plastic wrapping or polythene postal bags end up in the oceans and harm wildlife.
  • There are no unread or discarded copies going to landfill or littering the earth from over-filled paper bins.
  • No ink or chemicals are used in the production process
Scotland Correspondent magazine December 2017

December 2017

Every month we publish more than 100 pages of spectacular images, videos and great stories about what to do, where to visit, places to stay, food & drink, history & heritage, arts & culture and lots more. As long as there’s a Scottish connection you can find out about it in Scotland Correspondent.

Scotland Correspondent has become THE monthly magazine for lovers of all things to do with Scotland.

As one of our readers said on Facebook: “This is an excellent free e-magazine, full of interesting stories, about Scotland’s history and its modern day happenings, along with wonderful pictures. Go to their webpage and sign up to become a member (free) and get notified when the next edition is ready.”

Subscribe to Scotland Correspondent for free and indulge your love of all things Scottish without harming the environment.

The current issue of Scotland Correspondent and all our previous issues can be found on Issuu.

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