Rise of the hunky Highlander in steamy romantic fiction

The Scot with the lot is the dish of the day when it comes to romantic fiction thanks to writers such as Diana Gabaldon, Heather Graham, Amanda Scott and Laura Hunsaker.

Highland Eclipse by Laura Hunsaker

Highland Eclipse

Tartan bodice-rippers are all the rage. There are more than 7,000 books with Highlander in the the title on Amazon alone and the trend doesn’t look like fading into the Scotch mist just yet.

“A lot of people, especially in America, are looking for escapism. Nobody wants to read about billionaires or politicians right now,” said Laura Hunsaker, a Las Vegas-based author who writes steamy Highland time travel romances involving independent-minded, modern-day women falling in love with men who have all the fantasy qualities attributed to a bygone age.

“People are looking for something different but they still want strong characters. We want to read about a woman who knows what she is about and men who are tough but tender when the situation requires it.”

Author Laura Hunsaker

Laura Hunsaker

Laura has a number of novels to her credit with titles such as ‘Highland Destiny’, ‘Amethyst Heat’, ‘Highland Games’, ‘Highlander Reborn’, ‘The Broken Highlander’, ‘Highland Eclipse’, ‘Highland Warriors’ and ‘Highland Betrayal’. They have all proved immensely popular with most reviewers rating them with at least four stars out of five.

Scotland, with it’s breathtaking beauty and dramatic history creates an ideal setting for many readers to indulge their escapism. For many dealing with the stresses and strains of day-to-day reality it is sometimes comforting to think that life in a previous age was more simple despite the historically evident dangers of the times.

The romantic image of a hunky Highlander as a warrior who is brave, intelligent, chivalrous, kind to animals, has a washboard stomach and looks good in a kilt, and out of it has helped change the way Scotsmen are perceived, even if it is quite a stretch of the imagination in relation to the average typical Caledonian male.

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