Glasgow smiles best, and that’s official!

The University of Glasgow has more to be happy about than usual. Its famous dental school has broken the record to stage the world’s biggest ever smile.

Photograph by: Martin Shields, University of GlasgowDental School creates world’s biggest smile

A total of 756 dental school and university staff, along with school children and teachers, put on red and white ponchos to form the lips and teeth of a giant grin.

The record breaking attempt on June 9, during a special event to mark National Smile Month organised each year by the Oral Health Foundation, has now been recognised by officials from Guinness World Records as a winner.

“The promotion of oral health, particularly in children, is an important message to get across.

Photograph by: Martin Shields, University of GlasgowWorld’s biggest smile

We hope our record breaking event has been both fun and educational for all involved,” said Professor Jeremy Bagg.

“The event was a huge amount of fun to organise and our sincere thanks go to all of the many partners and organisations involved who helped to make this happen.

Professor Bun San Chong, President of the British Endodontic Society, the major sponsor of the Big Smile Big Band event said: “As a society that promotes the importance of maintaining teeth for life, we saw this as a fantastic opportunity to engage in an exciting oral health promotion event – the significance of making healthy choices for our teeth is often forgotten and sometimes the value of treating teeth to allow them to be retained when they become diseased underestimated.”

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