Whisky and cheese pairings finding flavour with foodies

For some the idea of mixing whisky and cheese may be an acquired taste but for others it is a match made in heaven.

Tipped to be one of the hottest culinary trends for 2018 the pairing of the water of life with a slice of mouldy stilton or chunk of cheddar isn’t as easy as it looks.

Whisky and cheese pairings tipped to be new trend for foodies

Photograph by: Stewart CunninghamWhisky and cheese – a perfect pairing

According to the experts there is a science to the art of ensuring the delicate flavours of the whisky compliment rather than distract from the subtle taste of the cheese.

Apparently the basic principle to getting the balance just right involve serious thought. High fat cheese for instance is usually best savoured with a whisky with a slightly more acidic flavour.

Alternatively a strong, hard blue cheese is likely to work best with a rich, full-bodied malt while a soft cream cheese might go better with something a little lighter and smoother.

With so many cheeses and whiskies to choose from the combinations are almost endless. What could be a better end to a sumptuous meal than enjoying an artisan cheese with a luxury single malt perfectly balanced on the tastebuds?

According to the British Cheese Board cheese and whisky are the perfect pair as the high level of alcohol in whisky cuts through the fat in cheese and allows for the flavours to be released. The undertones of grass, barrel fermented notes and salt are found in both whisky and cheese and complement each other well.

However, like almost everything to do with food and drink it is ultimately all down to personal taste and preference. The fun is in the experimentation.

Check out a few suggestions of tried and tested pairings in Issue 15 of Scotland Correspondent magazine.

  • Full feature in Issue No.15

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