Lilliard Gin reviving the Borders spirit

Send your tastebuds on a journey to the Scottish borders with a sip of Lilliard Gin.

This light, elegant, dry spirit with a contemporary floral palette is intended to evoke the unique landscape of the Scottish Borders region and it’s romantically turbulent history.

  • Full feature in Issue No.15
Based in the rolling countryside of the Teviot Valley Lilliard is one of the first gins ever to be produced in the region and it seeks to celebrate both the unique landscape of the Borders region and the lively history of the area.

Based in the rolling countryside of the Teviot Valley it is a history lesson and a travelogue in a glass.

The gin is named after a legendary maiden, sometimes referred to as Boadicea of the Borders. A warrior lady she took up arms against Henry VIII’s army, after the English King invaded the south of Scotland to force the Scots into agreeing a marriage between the infant Mary, Queen of Scots and his son Edward.Known as the ‘rough wooing’ this particular chapter of history is often forgotten but generations of borderers have been inspired by the tale of Lilliard. She took part in the Battle of Ancrum Moor, which the Scots won on 27 February 1545, after her lover was killed.

“I wanted to create a product that could reflect the stunning landscape of the Border region and act as an ambassador to the wider world,” said Kate MacInnes, chief distiller and founder of Lilliard Gin, which has just celebrated its first birthday.

Kate is passionate about the spirit and its almost unique ability to reflect what’s going on in the landscape.

“We use only natural botanicals, such as elderflower, rowan and rosehip with a tiny bit of meadowsweet, to create a snapshot of where it’s made and what it is represents. It’s got light floral notes to remind you of when everything is pristine and smells beautiful. There are very few places in the world that can rival the borders in mid-summer,” said Kate.

A full report with lots of stunning photographs and further details about Lilliard Gin can be found in Issue 15 of Scotland Correspondent magazine.

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