Keeping young and healthy the natural way with Deeside Water

A natural spring so pure it takes up to five times longer than a good malt whisky to ‘mature’ has so many health benefits it really could be uisge beatha – ‘the water of life’.

It takes more than 50 years for an annual rainfall of more than 1billion litres to trickle down through the bedrock of Scotland’s Cairngorm mountains to emerge above ground on Pannanich Hill near Ballater, Aberdeenshire, but it’s worth the wait.

Ever since the Knights Templar sampled the waters on their journeys through the Deeside Valley in 1245 the natural spring has been regarded as having rejuvenating properties.

Situated in one of the most beautiful unspoilt parts of the country, some 600 feet above sea level within the protected Cairngorms National Park and close to the Queen’s Highland home Balmoral Castle, this ancient water course has flowed uninterrupted from the heather-clad hillside for centuries, free from pollution and its secrets known only to a few.

However, sometime around 1760 a woman claimed to have been cured of a fatal disease after drinking and bathing in the water from the Pannanich Wells and word soon got around. Within a few years the area was transformed into a spa town to cope with thousands of visitors who flocked to Ballater each year to ‘take the waters’.

Among the many historical figures who visited the spa was Lord Byron, Sir Walter Scott and Queen Victoria, who made her first visit in 1856 and even wrote about it in her Highland Journals.

The area remained a popular destination for health seekers right up into the 20th century and the advent of a modern health service after which the quality of the waters was largely forgotten – until 1996. That’s when father and son entrepreneurs George and Martin Simpson started Deeside Mineral Water.

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Over the years the company has taken part in numerous clinical trials in hospitals, clinics and universities to research the health benefits of the water.

So far there is evidence to suggest it can help with arthritis, skin complaints like rosacea and anti-ageing. As a result the water is used as an ingredient in various cosmetics and complementary health products.

Deeside Mineral Water has a low mineral content, low pH value and low redox It is one of the purest waters in the world because of specific characteristics in its natural chemistry. The water molecules join together in smaller clusters so they are more quickly absorbed by cells in the body, help keep hydration levels up and act like an anti-oxidant.