International appeal for Scotland rewilding book

Hundreds of people are backing the creation of a landmark book showcasing the benefits of a wilder Scotland.

Gannets diving to feed on discarded fish, Shetland Isles.

Photograph by: © scotlandbigpictureGannets diving to feed on discarded fish, Shetland Isles.

As featured in the latest issue of Scotland Correspondent magazine, the Scottish-based charity Trees for Life’ has launched a crowdfunding appeal to raise at least £20,000 to showcase the country’s stunning wildlife.

In less than two weeks the fund has managed to raise more than 80 per cent of the total needed, much to the delight of the conservation charity which has been thrilled by a wave of positive responses to the initiative.

The Highlands-based organisation has until 23 July to raise the rest of the funds needed to ensure publication of Scotland: A Rewilding Journey – a beautiful hardcover book also backed by Reforesting Scotland, Rewilding Britain, The Borders Forest Trust, and Woodland Trust Scotland.

Steve Micklewright, Trees for Life’s Chief Executive, said: “We need as many people as possible to show their support and join in the movement for rewilding by making this groundbreaking book happen.

Red Squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) in mid-air, about to land on pine trunk

Photograph by: © scotlandbigpictureRed Squirrel in mid-air, about to land on pine trunk

“Scotland: A Rewilding Journey will be a rallying call for a wilder Scotland – where forests full of life are regenerating, rivers lined with alder and willow run freely, damaged peatlands are revitalised, and our oceans support the great whales. It’s all about inspiring an appreciation of the huge benefits a wilder Scotland would bring to people and wildlife.”

The book will showcase stunning photography by the team at SCOTLAND: The Big Picture, a non-profit social enterprise that includes many of the country’s top nature and conservation photographers. They have spent three years capturing the beauty and drama of the country’s landscape and its wild inhabitants – including golden eagles, beavers, ospreys, red squirrels and pine martens.

It is being written and edited by some of Scotland’s most prominent conservationists, including John Lister-Kaye and Duncan Halley.

For those who support the project rewards include a stay in a wilderness cabin, wildlife photography workshops, fine art posters and signed editions of the new book. For details, see

Scotland: A rewinding journey book cover

Scotland: A rewilding journey

Award-winning Trees for Life aims to restore the ancient Caledonian Forest and its unique wildlife to a vast area of the Scottish Highlands, including at the charity’s 10,000-acre Dundreggan Estate in Glenmoriston.

It has been pioneering rewilding for more than 25 years. See The charity will use any surplus raised by the appeal to fund other activities that help restore Scotland’s wild forests.

Scotland: A Rewilding Journey will be published this autumn by SCOTLAND: The Big Picture, which promotes the benefits of a wilder Scotland for people and wildlife through stunning visual media.

  • Full feature in Issue No.19

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