RAF pilots swap bombs for beer

Former Dambuster Al Read and fellow fighter pilot Nigel Tiddy are on target for high-flying success after swapping bombs for beers.

The ex-Tornado pilots who have seen their microbrewery business take-off at supersonic speed have been picked to represent Scotland at the Open Golf Championship.

Dambusters turn beer bombers

Dambusters turn beer bombers

Al, 45, a former member of the famous Dambusters 617 Squadron, and business partner Nigel, 48, hope the publicity their Lossiemouth-based Windswept brewery gets from being the only craft beer featured at the Castle Stuart golfing event will result in more international sales.

“We’re a really small brewery, so this is a fantastic opportunity for us to let golfers and fans from across Scotland in on the secret,” said Nigel.The RAF veterans, who both saw action over Iraq, have already won awards and lots of praise for their range of 11 craft beers, including two appropriately called Typhoon and Tornado.

In just four years the former Squadron Leaders have turned their hobby into a thriving-businesses which exports to nine countries and supplies major retailers such as Waitrose and the Co-Op.They are now aiming to double production from 150,000 to 300,000 litres and increase their workforce from 12 to 17 staff within the next two years.

“The Scottish Open’s organising team’s decision to source and supply a local, quality craft beer should be applauded,” said Nigel.

“We’re an excellent match for the Scottish Open this year, as the golf courses across the north east of Scotland are undoubtedly windswept for most of the year.”


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