Superhero treatment for ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ film fans in Edinburgh

To celebrate Edinburgh’s role in the most hotly anticipated film of the year, Avengers: Infinity War, businesses around the city are flexing their superpowers to attract people to the capital for the film opening.

View of Edinburgh, Scotland's capital city and star of new Avengers: infinity war movie

Photograph by: Andrew ColinEdinburgh skyline

This weekend Scotland’s capital will see more than 40 businesses join forces to celebrate the movie release and transform Edinburgh into the City of Superheroes.

Marvel fans can revel in a programme of events, discounts and special offers including exclusive walking tours of the filming locations and special themed menus. They can also enjoy spotting caped crusaders at every corner and enjoy free travel for little superheroes in costume on Lothian Buses.

The super celebration is being led by Film Edinburgh, the organisation that facilitates film productions in the city, which sits within Marketing Edinburgh.

“It’s been a year since Edinburgh’s streets were buzzing with A-list stars and Hollywood crew for the biggest production in the city to date, and we’re so excited for the film to finally hit the big screen,” said Rosie Ellison, Head of Film Edinburgh.

“In celebration of the capital’s heroic role in the film, we’re transforming Edinburgh into the City of Superheroes this weekend. Across the city, businesses will be putting their own twist on the superhero franchise with everything from themed cocktails to caped mannequins and Marvel-ous lunch offers.

“Given that Edinburgh was the only location used during filming, we’re encouraging fans to come to the City of Superheroes to get the ultimate superhero experience. The weekend will be a great way to keep the excitement of the movie alive, even after you step out of the cinema screen.”

New logo to celebrate Edinburgh - city of Superheroes to mark new movie Avengers: Infinity War

Edinburgh – City of Superheroes

John Donnelly, Head of Marketing Edinburgh described the City of Superheroes weekend as a way of celebrating Edinburgh’s role in the film Avengers: Infinity War as an example of local businesses joining forces to create marvelling experiences for residents and visitors.

“The blockbuster third instalment of the Avengers franchise was filmed in Edinburgh for seven weeks in the Spring of 2017, and we’re honoured to be the only location outside of the Hollywood studio,” he said.

“The production saw the city’s historic Old Town transform with shop fronts altered and set props, including bus shelters and street lights, take position. We had over 400 crew members working on the shoot through the night with local businesses, residents and the council working collaboratively to make it happen.”

Joe Russo, Director of Avengers: Infinity War commented on his experience filming in Edinburgh during a special screening he held for local fans in Edinburgh earlier this month. He said: “I love this city, I’ve spent a lot of time here, it’s beautiful.

“I’m surprised it hasn’t been on film more, shocked frankly, because it’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world and at night it can take on a gothic feel. And we had a sequence we wanted with heightened tension and it was a perfect place to shoot that scene.”