Artist’s alcohol inks attract global interest

A Scots artist has been tipped for great things after her work using alcohol inks, a pioneering new art form, attracted international attention.

Jenna Ferguson from Alexandria, near Glasgow is one of the first artists in Scotland to be recognised across the UK and beyond for her abstract creations using the relatively new medium of alcohol inks.

Artist Jenna Ferguson whose work alcohol inks are proving very popular

Artist Jenna Ferguson and one of her alcohol inks

The process involves pouring the liquid on to a blank canvas and letting it run free, or directing its flow by blowing through a straw. The result is a brilliant swirl of shapes that can be interpreted by the viewer’s own imagination.

Although highly popular in the USA and Australia the use of alcohol inks to is only now beginning to attract attention in the UK. In the last few months the 32-year-old artist has seen her work exhibited in galleries across Britain and online. She has already attracted thousands of international followers on social media from as far a field as mainland Europe, the USA and Australia.

According to Katy Barnfield, owner of the independent Regency Gallery and Framers in Cheltenham, Wiltshire Jenna’s work in something special with its own unique style.

She said: “Alcohol ink art is just starting to become popular in the UK and it’s going to be huge. I predict demand for Jenna’s work is going to go crackers.”

The almost overnight acclaim has come as something of a surprise for Jenna who has been working as an art therapist for the last six years, helping to support children who have gone through some sort of trauma

Adolfo Arino, who owns the Picture It gallery in Helensburgh, near Glasgow said: “Jenna’s work is fantastic. Every piece is unique and there is something for everyone as no two people see exactly the same thing.

“She is undoubtedly very talented and her work is extremely popular.”

A more detailed story with many more photographs of Jenna’s work can be found in Issue 15 of Scotland Correspondent magazine.

  • Full feature in Issue No.15

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