Advertising Terms and Conditions

Before placing an advert, please read the following terms and conditions very carefully.

This agreement is between the Publisher, Flag Media Limited and the Advertiser. The Publisher publishes content via electronic magazines and websites and provides for the delivery of advertising materials to the public within these media.

  1. The Advertiser is responsible for ensuring all materials supplied by shall be legal, truthful and comply with the British Code of Advertising Practice.
  2. The Publisher retains the right to refuse any advertisement it wishes and does not guarantee the inclusion of any particular advertisement.
  3. The Publisher reserves the right to amend or withdraw an advertisement at any time.
  4. An order for an advertisement shall be deemed to be made on acceptance of the advertisers’ order by the Publisher whether placed by telephone, mail, including e-mail, or in person.
  5. Cancellation of an advertisement must be received, by the Publisher, at least 10 days before the publishing deadline. If cancellation is not received within this period the publisher will invoice the customer in full for the whole cost of the advertisement.
  6. Both parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Scottish Courts and Scots Law. In the event of any dispute the Publisher will attempt to recover payment from an advertiser via legal means. It is agreed that matters will be settled in any Scottish Court that the Publisher may choose.
  7. The Publisher shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by any total or partial failure to publish the publication in which any advertisement is scheduled to appear. In the event of any error or omission in the generation of an advertisement, the Publisher will amend the advertisement within five days, or make reasonable refund or adjustment to the cost.
  8. Errors must be notified to the Publisher in writing (email is acceptable) within ten days of publication. The total liability of the Publisher for any error, misprint or omission shall NEVER exceed the amount of a full refund of the price paid to the Publisher for the particular advertisement in which the error arose.
  9. The Advertiser agrees to indemnify the Publisher in respect of all legal costs, damages or other costs arising from the publication of the advertisement in accordance with instructions supplied to the publication by the advertiser.
  10. Payment of any invoice raised by the Publisher will be due 10 days from the date of invoice unless otherwise stated on the invoice. In the event of non-payment the Publisher will charge late payment interest at a rate of 2% chargeable on a daily basis from the due date until the bill is paid. In addition the Publisher will charge a late payment levy of £10 as an administration fee.
    In the event of late payment any discounts agreed will be disallowed and an invoice raised for the full, non-discounted, rate.
  11. A request to place an advertisement assumes acceptance of all of these conditions.