Making movies: Where do we go from here?

Scotland’s creative reputation among the world’s film industries is already legendary. Over the years the country has produced an abundance of globally acclaimed actors, directors, technicians, writers and practitioners for any any every role to be found on a film or television sat.

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Freedom to roam and exploration on a budget with the SYA

For 85 years the Scottish Youth Hostel Association has provided a home from home for tens of thousands of ramblers, hillwalkers and explorers. 

It was born out of the countryside movements of the 1920s and 1930s when the concept of a holiday in the fresh air with freedom to roam was beyond the reach of most ordinary people.

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Chocs away as Scotland grows reputation for artisan confectionary

To the growing list of Scottish delicacies finding favour around the world, and adding to the country’s economic fortunes, can now be added…chocolate.

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