scotcorrespond OTD 1876 #TopScot Alexander Graham Bell patented his invention of the telephone. I wonder if he realised that withi… https://t.co/88dOAp7pVg
scotcorrespond What is it about #MaryQueenofScots that people like almost 500 years aftershe died? New @UofGlasgow project aims to… https://t.co/UAGvLJaIH1
scotcorrespond RT @NeilDrysdale: I suppose a lot of restaurants are feeling the pinch. But I don’t think this will exactly inspire people to rush through…
scotcorrespond You’ve seen the films and read the books now visit the real stars of blockbuster movies and TV shows set in… https://t.co/Z62KRua0Mr
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Instead of sitting on the sofa or lying in bed this weekend why not start getting ready for one of Scotland’s toughest mountain race festivals? Entries are now open for the Salomon Skyline Scotland races bit.ly/2Gva7JX
Great scenery, fantastic events and a big challenge. What’s not to like?
The events aren’t on until 20-22 September so there’s still plenty of time to finish reading this month’s @scotlandcorrespondent magazine before checking out the @GlenCoeSkyline page to register.
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Today’s the day in 1876 that #TopScot Alexander Graham Bell secured a patent (No. 174461) for his invention of the telephone. I wonder if he realised then that within 140 years most of us would be carrying one around in our pockets. More fascinating historical facts in @scotcorrespond magazine bit.ly/2NaznH2 See MoreSee Less

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What is it about Mary, Queen of Scots – a young woman who died aged 44 almost 500 years ago – that continues to fascinate people so much?
Her story has been immortalised in books, on stage, in art, on film and in music. She’s possibly one of the best globally known figures from Scottish history.
A new international project has been launched by the University of Glasgow to try an understand how her legend has impacted on Scottish society and culture.
Her presence and influence can be found throughout the country with so many locations associated with her fascinating story from Linlithgow Palace to @BorthwickCastle bit.ly/2SvkDbo
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You’ve seen the movie or the TV show so why not visit the real stars of the silver screen – Scotland’s many beautiful locations that provide such a stunning backdrop for a host of productions? bit.ly/2GkpWnN See MoreSee Less

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2 weeks ago

Scotland Correspondent
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