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The Great Game: Waterloo Replayed

More than 200 years after the final defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte changed the course of European history the bloody Battle of Waterloo is to be […]


scotcorrespond Thinking of a trip to the most beautiful country in the world? Here’s a few images from the July edition of… https://t.co/SLyRDYnO5x
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Whether you’re already here or just dreaming of a trip to the most beautiful country in the world here’s a few images from the July edition of Scotland Correspondent magazine – the world’s only free multi-media digital magazine about all things Scottish – to brighten up your day. Enjoy the view! bit.ly/2ZWzH0Z See MoreSee Less

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If you are in Los Angeles between now and 18 August go and check out the 800-year-old Aberdeen Bestiary on display at the J. Paul Getty Museum.
Considered one of the most beautiful books in the world it has never before been seen anywhere outside of the UK.
This fascinating medieval book describes the beasts of the world, both real and fantastical, as well as birds and even rocks, with highly ornate images.
Bestiaries were popular in the 12th and 13th centuries but few were produced to the high standard of the Aberdeen manuscript. Once belonging to King Henry VIII of England the book has been in the care of the University of Aberdeen since 1625.
It is so rare and fragile it must be protected from the light and is very rarely displayed to the public.
Full story bit.ly/2LsdofL
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Happy 141st birthday to Glasgow-born actor Donald Meek. probably best known as the whisky salesman in the 1939 version of Stagecoach alongside John Wayne.
Meek appeared in over 100 movies and has a posthumous Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
His family emigrated to Canada and then the USA in the 1890s and Meek began performing aged just 8-years-old. He began appearing on Broadway in 1903 and enjoyed a successful theatre career before moving into movies, working alongside the likes of Wayne, James Stewart, Jane Wyman, John Ford and Frank Capra.
He also served for a time in the US Army, seeing action during the Spanish-American war of 1898 during which he contracted yellow fever which caused him to lose his hair. Lots more dates to celebrate and commemorate this month in Scotland Correspondent bit.ly/2LB6qVE
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Happy 745th Birthday to King Robert the Bruce born 11 July 1274 at Turnberry Castle.
Photographer Stewart Cunningham recently captured Lord Charles Bruce of Broomhall House holding the sword of his forefather, who secured Scotland’s independence at Bannockburn in 1314 and ended England’s claim to the Scottish crown.

Lord Bruce is standing in front of a portrait of another ancestor, Edward Bruce. Edward was the last Scottish ambassador to England and it was he who negotiated the succession of the English throne for King James VI of Scotland in 1603 following the death of Queen Elizabeth I.
Read more about Broomhall House and its fascinating history bit.ly/2IaeATq
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A spectacular new trail has been launched to showcase Scotland’s west coast as a world-class destination for spotting whales, dolphins and porpoises from land.
The Hebridean Whale Trail, the first of its kind in the UK, is a unique initiative connecting more than 30 top places offering opportunities for land-based sightings of whales, dolphins and porpoises, or showcasing important whale heritage sites that reveal the history of people’s relationships with whales in these communities.
Basking sharks, seals and other wildlife may also be seen from the trail, which features 33 sites across the Hebridean archipelago and along Scotland’s stunning west coast, from the Clyde to Cape Wrath, and as far west as St Kilda.
Find out more about the @hebrideanwhaletrail in our 8-page photo-spread in Scotland Correspondent bit.ly/322zeMQ
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